Mobile stand FSE925 with agitator DM35 in pharma design

Mobile H-stand
Version completely in stainless steel
Drive covered by a stainless steel cap
Speed adjustable from 300 – 1400 rpm
Vessel clamp with lashing strap
Shaft and impeller: ETFE coated (blue)

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Product Description

Motor: Three-phase motor with cover made of stainless steel
Power: 1,5 kW
Speed adjustment from approx. 300 – 1400 rpm

Shaft connection: double bearing with M30 thread

Shaft and propeller are made of stainless steel 1.4571 (316 Ti),
welded and ETFE-coated (blue) against acid atmospheres

Technical design for vessels from 350-1100 mm diameter

Electrical functions in control cabinet made of stainless steel
with splash-water protection (IP65):
Agitator on-off
Digital display for speed
Potentiometer for speed adjustment
Frequency converter
Control of the limit switches
Main switch

Safety installations
Shaft protection tube made of stainless steel to avoid a contact with rotating parts
Vessel clamping device with limit switch: recognizes and attaches the vessel
Operation of the agitator is only possible when the vessel is recognized


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